Who Else Wants Their Own Auto-Pilot
Auto-Profit Affiliate Niche Site?

How would you like your own automated website that puts money in your pockets while helping your visitors instantly search for the best price from among 6200+ merchants selling almost 46,000,000 items?


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That’s right!

People with credit cards in hand, ready to buy,  come to your price search engine site looking for the best possible deal.

And man… do they find it!


In the example above note how the LCD TV has a price range from $1,199 – $2,699!

Here’s the cool part…

No matter which  merchant they buy from, YOU GET A COMMISSION!

Talk about having the deck stacked in your favor!

Get Your Own Site For Only $395 Down!

In the past you would have had to pay $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, even more to hire and keep full time programmers on hand to develop your site and keep it and data up to date.

Imagine how much work it would be to manually keep track of thousands of merchants prices, products, and inventory levels!

What used to be a nearly impossible task has now been automated.

BuyYourNicheSite.com  has developed tools, systems, and processes that allow us to shave hundreds, if not thousands of development hours of expensive programming.

The result?

What used to be an incredibly complex task of creating a niche affiliate price comparison website is automated it to the point where you can own your own site for less than $900 dollars.

In fact our easy payment plan allows you to invest just $395 to get started!

Imagine having your own affiliate niche site where…

  • You own the website.
  • You own the domain name.
  • You keep 100% of the commissions!
  • You can “flip” (sell)  the site for a huge profit, or just enjoy the auto pilot affiliate income.
  • You get a complete website with a hosting control panel, email, databases, etc..

What You Get:

  • You get handed a completed website, already hosted, domain registered, and the site is live.
  • You get a 11 page instruction manual which contains all your logins and passwords,  and configuration customization info. The document also contains links to videos to make it super easy to customize your site.
  • You get a complete hosting panel and FTP site access with all the features.
  • You get insider access to our $5.00 secret traffic method. You pay $5.00 a month, and spend just 2-3 hours a week (or outsource it) to get super rankings.  (See details below)
  • You get 4 months free hosting. After that you can continue to host with us at a cost of about $12 per month when billed annually, or you can host your site elsewhere, it’s your choice.

The $5.00 SECRET Traffic Method

You can have the best website in the world, but without traffic… It’s worthless.

While there are many ways of getting traffic, most like pay per click are either expensive, time consuming, or require a lot of training.

When you receive your niche site, you’ll also get information on what we call our $5.00 SECRET traffic method.

This will cost you $5.00 a month and 2 -3 hours of time a week to get major results in the big search engines.

This is the same method that we use ourselves.  It’s fast, simple, inexpensive, and has strong residual strength.

We used this method to get a 1st page, even 1st position in Google for a VERY competitive keyphrase which has over 25,000,000 competing pages.

Not only did we achieve this in a few weeks by using this method, but over 3 months later without doing anything further we are still on page 1 of Google!

Traffic is a key requirement for a successful website.  Unlike PPC (Pay Per Click) that is expensive and has no lasting value, this method is far superior!

We exclusively share this our niche affiliate site clients.

Common Questions:

Question: How Do I Make Money With My Site? Who Pays Me?
Answer:  Great question! Your site is delivered with multiple sources of income included.

  1. Clickbank – In the top left corner, your site will automatically insert affiliate links for relevant products. Clickbank products normally pay a 40%-75% commission! Clickbank will directly pay you every 2 weeks.
  2. eBay Partner Network – In the bottom left of your site relevant matching eBay items are displayed. They will directly pay you monthly.
  3. Amazon.com – Another option for your site is to include a “widget” that will show matching items on sale at Amazon. Amazon will directly pay you.
  4. Google Adsense – On the right side of your site you can display Google Ads. You get paid for EACH CLICK, no sale is necessary. Google will pay you directly.
  5. Price Search Engine Networks – In the middle of the page are the price search engine results.  Once you get your site, you will become an affiliate for typically 3 -4 affiliate networks that handle thousands of merchants each.  So instead of each merchant having to mail you a check, your joined affiliate networks will automatically pay you directly.

Another possible way of making money is by selling advertising on your site. Having a niche site is a very effective way to reach an audience and you can charge merchants a monthly fee to include their banner on your site.

Question: How Do I Get Traffic To My Site?
Answer: Even the greatest website has little value if no traffic is received.  Although there are many different ways of getting traffic to your site, we share exclusively with our niche site clients a secret and powerful method that we use. It will cost you $5.00 a month and about 2-3 hours of time to get to the the top of the search engines.

This method is so powerful that we use it ourselves.  Unlike PPC (Pay per click) which is dangerously expensive, and has no lasting value, this method is almost free and has strong residual value. For example, we used this method to get to #1 in Google for a VERY competitive keyphrase with over 25,000,000 competing pages! over a 4 week

Question: How Much Money Will I Make With This Site?
Answer: That’s like asking:  “How much money will I make if I get a college degree”.
There are simply too many variables involved.  These include the niche you select,  the merchants you choose, the cost of the items for sale, how much traffic your site receives, etc..

We do have multiple clients who have already bought MULTIPLE sites and want to buy more. Think of it this way, if the site makes a puny $5 a day, that’s $1800+ a year, so the site would be paid for around 6 months. If you use the payment plan we have it makes payments even easier.

If you were to show someone your site and tell that you had it custom built for $5000-$10K, they would say “Wow, that’s a beautiful site”. The quality, looks, and income potential of these sites is MUCH more than the $895 investment.  Some clients are buying sites to “flip”. They are going to spend a few months using the traffic method that we show them ($5.00 a month plus 2 to 3 hours of time each week) and then sell the site for MUCH more than they paid.

Others are looking to just enjoy the affiliate profits of each site.  It’s your choice on which you prefer to do.

Question: Can I Modify The Website?

Answer: Yes, you have full control over the site. You have full access to the source code, nothing is encrypted.  If by chance you crash the site or need assistance, we can also help.

Question: Can I Sell The Website?

Answer: Yes, since it is your website you can sell it.

Question: Can I Add New Items & Change The Site?

Answer: Yes.  In the instructions we give you a list of the “important” files. These are the files you would need to know about to make changes.  You can add new menu items, new pages, whatever you want.

Question: Can You Build A Site About ___________?

Answer: Yes!  We can build a custom site about the niche of your choice!  Just refer to the form on the right of this page. You can fill out the form, or feel free to phone us to discuss your idea!

Question: What Extra Charges Are There?

Answer: Beside paying for hosting after the first 4 months, not much. You’ll need to pay $10 – $12 a year to renew your domain name, and we suggest the optional $5.00 a month SECRET traffic method.

(Talk about having low business cost!)

Question: How Much Is Hosting? Can I Host Somewhere Else?

Answer: When you buy your site, we include 4 months of hosting.  You can continue to host with us  for $147 annually (about $12 per month) or transfer your website to a host of your choice.

Question: Do I Own The Domain?

Once you complete payment the domain ownership will be transferred to you.  Something to note is that domain transfer rules require that we possess the domain for 60 days before we can transfer it.  So depending on how long we have owned the domain this could delay transfer.

Note: You will receive 100% of the commissions even before the domain is transferred.

Question: What Technical Skills Do I Need To Have?

Answer: Managing and modifying your site requires very limited technical skills. The included instructions and videos explain the steps required to manage your site.  You will use standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files back and forth from your site, just like you would with any other hosted website.  You can use Notepad or some other text editor to modify the files. Your instructions will show you where to download free FTP tools, and will help you locate instructional videos that will get you up to speed quick and easy.

Question: My Question Is Not Answered Here. What Should I Do?

Answer: Feel free to contact us either by phone 800-788-6057 (USA & Canada) or 508-678-9900 (Worldwide), or fill out the contact form located in the top right of this page

What’s Next?

  • Click on Sites Currently For Sale to see the current list of sites available.
  • Click on Sample Sites to see some client’s existing sites.
  • Contact Us for more information.
    You can buy an already created niche site for $895 total, or just put $395 down.
    You can also have a site created for your favorite niche for the same low investment!

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